DR Mobile

Mobile DR v1.0 allows organizations to mobilize their disaster recovery strategy and ensures that their organization is ready in case a disaster plan is activated. Mobile DR is available for Apple and Android smart devices. The major features include:

  • Allows an organization to keep the contact information of the crisis management team current. It also reminds the crisis team of their responsibilities in case of a disaster.
  • Allows you to load your recovery and response plans on the DR mobile server. This server can be hosted at a client location, or Securely Mobile can manage the Server at your location or Securely Mobile can host the Mobile DR server for you (recommended in case your corporate network is not available during the disaster).
  • Allows to assign an owner (crisis management team member) to each task within every recovery and response plan loaded to the mobile DR server.
  • A real time chat capability which allows the crisis team members to communicate during recovery activities.
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